The magic of WhatsApp is everywhere! WhatsApp is the free app that helps us to stay close to the people who really matters to us by sending text, messages, photos, videos, etc. Besides it helps to make the bonds more stronger with the feature of voice calls and video calls. WhatsApp and it’s favorable features taught us that distance doesn’t matter to bloom your relations may it be personal or professional. WhatsApp enables us to stay connected with people from any part of the world.

The foremost feature which is on top nowadays is the ‘Groups’ that can be created to enhance WhatsApp experience. It can be simply defined as a chat room where you can exchange information with so many people at once. May it be family trip plannings or business updates, or even notes to be shared with a class of students, WhatsApp group will lead you to accomplish all of these tasks with less efforts. Just create a group, select what you wish to share and click on Send button. That’s all! Your message will be delivered to hundreds of people simultaneously with one click!


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Looking at these advantages of WhatsApp Groups, we have brought to you this masterpiece which covers up all the essential details of WHATSAPP GROUP and how to make it interesting! Below we have discussed the need to create WhatsApp group, it’s features, how to create it and most importantly ‘How to make WhatsApp group interesting. We have jotted down the points to keep your WhatsApp group interesting and lively.


WhatsApp groups keeps all the group members under on umbrella. Sharing any kind of updates, important announcement or notices or even a meme to a bunch of people became easy due to the existence of WhatsApp group. Imagine you wish to share a meme to 25-30 friends of yours from your contact list. Sharing a single meme to each of your friends singly might be boring and time consuming. But if you have a WhatsApp group with all your friends added to it, you can simply share the meme in just a second or two with pack of your friends.

Sometimes, you might create a group and a bunch of people to it , use that group for 2 to 3 days and then forget about it. Such groups settle down in the bottom of the chat history due to its monotonous view. That’s why we have brought to you this article which will help you to add a spark to your WhatsApp group and make it more lively as it is responsible to keep your pals on the same page. Let us dive deep into the ways that will surely help you to create a group that is interesting and appealing.



Let us first have a look at the easy steps to create a WhatsApp group.

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Step 2: Now click on the first option which is ‘New Group’. Your contact list will appear on the screen.
  • Step 3: Select the contacts that you wish to add in that group and click on Next button in the lower right corner.
  • Step 4: Now you need to give a name to the group that suits well to the purpose of creating group and click on the Done option. That’s all! You can create as many groups as you want and even add new participants in the existing groups.

Your WhatsApp group is now created. Let us go through the ideas that will make your WhatsApp group more Interesting!!!



WhatsApp group must be interesting so that the spark of the group is not lost and participants of the group must feel connected to the group. Below are few ways discussed that will make your WhatsApp groups engaging and alluring.

Have A Common Goal

Have A Common Goal

While creating a group, have a common purpose of creating a group and add participants accordingly. The group members and their perspective towards the group must be same. This will help to make the content that you and the participants are sharing in the group to be more productive. For example, if you are creating a group to share memes, add meme lovers to it. If you are creating a group to post and sell jewellery items, add Shopaholics to it.

Add An Interesting Group Icon

Add An Interesting Group Icon

Add an interesting group icon that can add charm to the group. Select a picture that suits well to the objective of the group. Group icon must be selected in such a way that will give a clear idea of the group motive.

Select An Intriguing Group Name

Group Name

Give interesting and suitable names to the groups that includes friends, family, colleagues, etc. A group created for family discussions and announcements and for sharing family quotes can be named as Home Sweet Home, Family Forever, Homies And Plannings, Fam Bam, Family Ties, etc. The group name itself enriches the goal of the group.

Stay Active On Group

Once you create a group or become a part of the group, keep on sharing one or the other thing to the group to be in touch with the group participants. Regular updates will surely make the groups more lively and active. You can even reply to the shared post to enhance its valuation. Keep on sharing cool, funny, updated and trendy post.

Play Games On The Group

Play Games On The Group

To make the group interesting you can even schedule and play exciting games to maintain the excitement of the group. You can go with easy and interesting game like KMK (Kiss, Marry, Kill) , small puzzels , Guess The Word or ‘Who Am I’ , GK Quiz, Spot The Difference, etc. Keep on sharing new ideas of games that will increase the fun of the group.

Use Amazing Stickers And Emojis

Emojis and Stickers are the best way to make someone understand what we actually feel. Making use of appropriate emojis or stickers can add more fun and interest to the communication.

Share Useful Content

Share Useful Content

Laughter is the best medicine. Hence you can share funny memes that can atleast bring smile to the face of group participants. You can also add up life hacks to the group which is again a point of attraction in a group. Share quotes related to friends, life or family. The group participants will come in search of a good quote that they can forward to their friends and family. So, keep on sharing relevant content. You can also reply to the shared stuff to encourage the senders.


None of us would like to be the part of a boring or monotonous WhatsApp group. But following the above ideas you can add up shine to the WhatsApp group and make it more cheerful. Create WhatsApp group by following the steps that we’ve discussed above. And make your WhatsApp group interesting to cherish your mood.

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