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Gold WhatsApp Download APK (v36.00)Latest Version for Free – (Anti-Ban)

App NameGold WhatsApp
Version36.00 (Latest Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Latest FeaturesAnti-Ban, Anti-View
Updated On1 Hours Ago

We all know about Whatsapp as it has become the crucial part of our day to day life as we use it on regular basis for sharing photos, videos, audios, files, and to lead the endless chat. WhatsApp is the free multi tasking app that has a huge number of features that allows the Android users, Apple users and Windows PC to interchange messages, videos and pictures and even voice calls, video calls with our loved ones.

This amazing app made it possible to have endless conversation with end to end encryption. Looking at this endless requirements of WhatsApp, it compelled app developers to add on more features and modify the WhatsApp to perceptible app with more astounding features that is Gold WhatsApp.

Gold WhatsApp

Are you still using the WhatsApp to stay connected with your pals? Do you wish to enhance your WhatsApp experience? Do you feel the need to enrich the features of WhatsApp? Are you in search of an app that is the pro version of WhatsApp? If your answer to the above question is ‘Yes’ then you are reading the right piece of article. We have brought to you the pro variant of WhatsApp ‘Gold WhatsApp‘ that will surely fit your need.

Gold WhatsApp APK

In this article you will get the detailed description and elaborated features of ‘Gold WhatsApp’ which is the fittest alternative for WhatsApp. You will not get the features that are available in this app with any other version of WhatsApp. It can be simply defined as the storehouse of features. WhatsApp Gold will offer you more features, more setting options, lots and lots of customization options, a completely safe and private chatting experience, upgraded quality of video calls and voice calls, etc.

WhatsApp Gold

Gold WhatsApp, the name itself clarifies the worth of this app. This app helps you to connect to people at any corner of the world. Gold WhatsApp has its own royalty in features as compared to the regular WhatsApp. You can stay in touch with your beloves just through one single click using various modes of interaction, may it be chatting, calling, sharing audios or videos, creating groups and exchanging endless information. Gold WhatsApp made it all possible!! Even if you are a new user, you don’t need to learn rocket science to understand this app.


It’s simple and user friendly interface takes all the responsibility to give you easy and amazing app navigation experience. Not just the interface, all the features and extra added modifications are much handy to use and explore. Stay updated with the lives of your contacts by just having a peek into their status updates. We will uncover all the benefits of this app below. By the end of this article, you will surely be delighted with this app and not neglect the thought to download it.


To dive deep into Gold WhatsApp, let us have a quick preface for what a mod apk actually mean? Modified APK versions are the unofficial version of an original app with additional features and can be simply defined as the customized variant of the original one. APK mods provide you the package of features which are not available in the official app.


They are created to fulfill the extraneous need of users and enhance the user experience with power pack features. Similarly, Gold WhatsApp APK is the upgraded form of WhatsApp that includes bunch and bunch of features that you won’t enjoy in the original WhatsApp. You will find many mod versions of WhatsApp, but the one that comes out from the crowd is Gold WhatsApp due to its innumerous offerings.


There is no doubt that WhatsApp gives you endless conversation and social experience in its own way. But the extraordinary objective of Gold WhatsApp is it lets you manage your WhatsApp experience by drawing upon its customization options. Gold WhatsApp APK is free and secure to use. All you need to do is just click on the Download button to uncover it’s infinite features. It is correctly named as GOLD WHATSAPP as it encompasses golden features that transforms your way of in app navigation .

WhatsApp Gold

Each and every feature has been multiplied in this APK version. For example, the security options has been augmented, chatting experience is enhanced as you can simply set a time to send a message on a particular time, etc. You can even manage your in app activity as it is in your hands if you wish to share your online status, typing status, last seen and much more…your privacy is the priority for Gold WhatsApp’.


WhatsApp Gold is the premium platform where you can stay socially connected with your friends, family, college and your loved ones. You can simply chat with your contacts without getting worried about the privacy as it provides you complete security with end to end encryption. WhatsApp Gold has made it very easy to connect to people. The original WhatsApp does not allow you to send message untill and unless the contact is saved. With WhatsApp Gold APK , you can send messages on numbers without having the need to save it.

Not only this, but WhatsApp Gold APK has made WhatsApp experience very easygoing. You can even Plan and Schedule messages for future. You get the access to view the deleted messages from your contacts. The deleted status can also be viewed if you have WhatsApp Gold. You can even group up the ones whom you wish to show your status updates and even hide it from people with whom you do not want to share your status updates. It is completely in your hands!


WhatsApp Gold APK presents to you the feature of DND activation where you can deactivate the internet connection for WhatsApp only. Enhance the chatting experience by using various stickers and emojis that will exhilarate the chatting experience. Many people have turned up towards the amazing experience of wonderful features of WhatsApp APK and their reviews are also positive.

gold whatsapp apk download

We all know how advanced online world has become. And you might get a question if this APK is safe to use as it is a third party app. Be rest assured as WhatsApp Gold APK is completely free and safe to download and use. With our Gold WhatsApp APK you will be safe from any kind of scam or hackers. You can unleash the benefits of this modified APK without being perturbed about the safety. Download this astonishing app which is safe and secure to use. All you need to do is to click on the download button.

App NameGold WhatsApp
Version36.00 (Latest Version)
Size64 MB
Android Requirement4.1+
File TypeAPK File
LicenseFully Unlocked
Total Downloads38,86,069+
Updated On5 Hours Ago

Latest Version : v36.00 | Official Provider (Website) :



As said earlier, Gold WhatsApp APK is the storehouse of features. And this section will let you know all the features in deep and detailed way. Go through the list of features below so that you can take best out of Gold WhatsApp and not miss out a single feature of it.

  • Simple & User Friendly Interface.
  • More Privacy Options.
  • Various Customization options.
  • Create Special Groups.
  • Send Messages On Numbers Directly.
  • Use Multiple Accounts.
  • Turn On DND Mode.
  • Plan & Schedule Messages For Future.
  • App Lock Options.
  • View Deleted Messages.
  • Anti-View Once Option.
  • List Up The People Who Can Call You.
  • Resend Messages Without ‘Forwarded’ Tag.
  • Auto Reply Mode.
  • Explore The All New Theme Store.


Gold WhatsApp has lots of useful features that will make your WhatsApp experience insane. Below we explained detailed explaination of useful features. But I promise you, you will get more than you need in Gold WhatsApp APK.



While using an app, only helpful features are not necessary but the interface and the way the app is customised also matters a lot. In some cases, when we use an app, it seems like a rocket science to optimize that app. The easy and well arranged interface helps us not to miss out any feature of the app. The UI of Gold WhatsApp APK is very handy that even a new user can find it very easy to go through the app and enjoy all its encompassed features. The interface is very mannerly customised that you can explore all the features very easily.



Privacy is something that we prioritise when we use an app. No one would like our data to be misused. At the present time where cyber crimes take place easily, our safety is very necessary. WhatsApp Gold has prioritized your safety and privacy and hence due to its privacy options your data cannot be misused. All the texts, videos , photos are safe and secure when you share them using Gold WhatsApp. You can hide your online status, typing status and activity settings.



As discussed earlier, our visual satisfaction means a lot to each one of us. You will surely go with the app that values your needs and allows you to customise the app. WhatsApp GOLD offers you lots of interesting themes that will please your eyesight . Not just one single theme for the whole WhatsApp, you can also apply themes or photos at the background of the chat for every different contact. Dive into the vivid options of customization of the app where you can apply various themes to the app and also select and apply a theme for a particular contact.



It becomes hectic when we are supposed to share the same message to a huge number of people individually. You are a valuable user so this is not the issue in the Gold WhatsApp case. You can create groups on WhatsApp Gold where you can add people as per the group requirement. Share well-wishing messages, important official announcements or notice in just one click. There is an addition of 2 more new tabs that makes it more convenient to use. Just add people to the group and send the message in that group which is viewed by all the group participants.



In the original WhatsApp version, you need to save the contact first in your contact list and then you can start chatting with that contact. What if you want to send a one time message to someone and not need to save it in your contacts? Such contacts will last unnecessarily in your contacts will be lost . With this feature of WhatsApp’ Gold allows you to send messages directly on the numbers. You do not need to save the temporary numbers anymore.



WhatsApp allows you to use one account only on one device. What if you wish to operate another WhatsApp account on the same device. While, WhatsApp Gold APK allows you to use multiple accounts and you can also switch between these accounts as per your wish. You can go with the account that you wish to use. This is the most helpful status.



What if you are very busy and don’t want to get distracted by WhatsApp messages? Gold WhatsApp has the solution for it as it values your time as well. You can activate the do not disturb mode when you are busy with some work and do not want to get disturbed by WhatsApp Messages. This mode will get activated only for Gold WhatsApp. The internet connection will be off only for WhatsApp and you can use other apps except WhatsApp Gold.



Are you a person who goes absent minded sometimes and forgets important upcoming dates that are very special? Do you wish to set up the message at the current moment but send it on a particular date automatically? This is the most effective way to send messages. Now, you do not need to remember the important days on which you have to send messages. You can simply schedule future dated messages with WhatsApp Gold APK.


app lock

Your privacy is our Concern. Hence, Gold WhatsApp imbibes in it tons of app lock options. With WhatsApp Gold APK, you will get a powerful app lock option where you can lock your WhatsApp using fingerprint , password or even a pattern. App lock option is added to secure your privacy. With these strong app lock systems, nobody can access your personal data. Download Gold WhatsApp APK to put a smart lock on your WhatsApp!



Sometimes, we are left out in curiosity by seeing a message that states ‘This message was deleted’. We eagerly wish to know what actually that message contains . WhatsApp allows you to delete a sent message. Now you can view the deleted messages by the senders using WhatsApp Gold APK. This is an amazing feature that resolves your curiosity and builds a transparency between you and the receiver.



This is the feature that is useful when you share a secret with someone. Sometimes, we really wish to say something only once. What if I say that you can do this henceforth? You can send a one-time message to a contact, your message will be viewed once and then disappear permanently. The receiver will be able to access the message only once. Anyways you can view the message as many times as you want.



Some of our contacts might be very annoying. Do you wish that only selected people must call you?You can select the contacts that can call you with Gold WhatsApp. This feature can be used for those who makes unnecessary calls. Your privacy matters a lot. This feature strengthens your privacy as WhatsApp scammers cannot reach you. You can safely enjoy the Gold WhatsApp.



When you simply forward one message to another person, it is shared with a ‘Forwarded’ tag on it. The receiver gets to know that you’ve forwarded that picture or text from another chat. What if I say that you can forward messages easily with a ‘forwarded’ tag? Yes, it’s possible with the Gold WhatsApp APK. You can disable this tag using the Gold WhatsApp APK . This feature will strengthen the chat quality without any unwanted tags in it.



If you are busy but still value the messages from your friends and family. Sometimes, you may wish to reply to a particular message even when you are busy. This is one of my favourite features where you can send replies automatically. You just need to set the message or type keyword on which you wish to auto reply. And type the reply that you wish to send. When you receive that particular message, your reply will be sent automatically. This feature also saves time and effort.


An app comes with all of the best benefits and advantages. Hand in hand, there are some disadvantages embedded in it. Let us take a look over the highlighted advantages and disadvantages of Gold WhatsApp.

Advantages Of Gold WhatsApp:

The first and the best advantage of Gold WhatsApp is that it offers you a sack full of advantageous features that are not even available in official version of WhatsApp. You get a huge number of customisation options along with the expanded privacy settings. You can manage the settings of Gold WhatsApp as per your will. You are authorised to view the deleted content and also safeguard your privacy with lots of privacy settings like hiding last seen, online status, typing, etc. Not only this, but you can also make a list of people who can call you and have a look at your WhatsApp profile.

Gold WhatsApp has also made your WhatsApp experience easy by adding the feature of auto reply to it. Now, you can simply auto reply to important chats even when you are busy. You can even plan and set the texts that needs to be sent in future!! You get the best advantage to improve the quality of chats. You get infinite emojis, stickers that can be used to exhilarate the WhatsApp experience. You can even exclude the Forwarded tag when you share the message that you’ve received from someone else. Gold WhatsApp APK gives you access to operate and switch between multiple accounts which is not possible in the original version of WhatsApp.

Gold WhatsApp is the power pack of features that’ll never end. Easy navigation in the app is the prime feature that can be pointed out that had attracted lots of users in lesser time. Also the best advantage is that you can download it handily in just one click . All you need to do is click on the download button and allow some permissions and explore the endless advantages of Gold WhatsApp. You must download Gold WhatsApp APK to boost your WhatsApp experience.

Disadvantages Of Gold WhatsApp

Everything has its own set of advantages along with some disadvantages. Similarly, Gold WhatsApp too has some disadvantages that you need to know. When you download Gold WhatsApp APK, it brings a lot of malware and nasty viruses to your Androids. The privacy and security is also fragile as Gold WhatsApp is the third party clone of the original WhatsApp. Your smartphone could also hang frequently due to malware and viruses. This unofficial app is unavailable on Google Play Store . It becomes hard to reach the update of the app as it is not available on Google Play Store.

Gold WhatsApp is the third party app that may include some security risks and it is not associated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp’ Inc. is not responsible for Gold WhatsApp, hence it may be threatful to your personal conversation, chats, photos and personal data. Your WhatsApp account can also be hacked by third party scammers which puts your privacy at risk. You might get messages with fake links that would give a way to high security risks. So, it is good to stick to the WhatsApp version which is available on Play Store. However, if you wish to examine more and more features, you can download Gold WhatsApp APK at your own risk.


It can be so irritating when you find that your Gold WhatsApp account has been banned. Here, we’ve provided you with the solution to avoid being banned. The Gold WhatsApp account might be banned when suspicious activities are suspected. Or when you share spams or virus content your account may be banned. WhatsApp accounts may be banned on a temporary or permanent basis. Before permanent action, the WhatsApp account is warned by many temporary bans. However, this issue is addressed and below you will find the ways to prevent temporary ban issues.

Ways To Prevent Temporary Bans

Stay Away From Unknown Invitations and Group Links: You may get some links and invitations to join. These links might contain malicious data and when you click on such links, your account may get banned. So it is better to ignore such links and stay cautious from unknown invitations.

Avoid Spam: When you share spam messages or any kind of suspicious data, your Gold WhatsApp account will be banned. Do not send any kind of unsolicited texts or spams to avoid getting banned .

Download The App From Relevant Links: When you download or update Gold WhatsApp APK, you must be cautious of the links from which you are downloading it. Sometimes, you may get routed to spams when you click on fake links. You can freely and safely download it from the link that we’ve provided.

Keep On Updating Your App: If you frequently update your Gold WhatsApp APK, there are least chances of getting banned. With the latest version of the app, you get the foremost and safest security options.

Step By Step Installation Guide To Download GOLD WHATSAPP

We value our users so here is the step by step installation guide through which you can easily get this app downloaded. Follow the steps below to download Gold WhatsApp APK.

  • Step 1: Click on the Download button in this post.
  • Step 2: Once the download is completed, search for Gold WhatsApp APK in your File Manager.
  • Step 3: If you are downloading the third party app for the first time, it will ask for the permission to download ‘unknown Sources’. You need to enable it.
  • Step 4: Now click on the Install button and wait till the installation is completed.
  • Step 5: Once the installation is completed , you can simply open the app Gold WhatsApp APK and start to explore the premium mod version of WhatsApp.


You might have got a clear idea about Gold WhatsApp APK and its fabulous features. But in case if you have any question rising in your mind, below is the list of FAQs that will surely settle down all your queries.

What exactly is Gold WhatsApp APK?
Gold WhatsApp APK is an unofficial app which is developed and upgraded version of WhatsApp with tons and tons of amazing features that are not available in original WhatsApp.
Can I schedule a message on WhatsApp Gold APK?
Yes, you can. You can simply schedule a message that is supposed to be shared on upcoming dates.
How can I schedule a message on WhatsApp Gold?
  • Go To Message Scheduler option in Settings.
  • Select the contact with whom you wish to set the plan message.
  • Now select the date and time on which the message needs to be sent.
  • Type the message that you wish to Schedule.
  • Now, tap on the Done tab. That’s all! You’re message will be scheduled.
  • Do I need to pay to download and use the app?
    No, it is completely a free app to use. Also you do not need to pay the charges to download it. All you need is an internet connection.
    Is it safe to download this APK?
    Yes it is completely safe to download and use WhatsApp Gold APK.
    Can I use multiple accounts in Gold WhatsApp APK?
    Yes, you can use multiple accounts and switch the accounts in Gold WhatsApp APK.
    Which is the lowest Android version to download Gold WhatsApp APK?
    Android version of 5.1 or more is required to download Gold WhatsApp APK.


    In this article, we have almost covered all the topics and fantastic features of Gold WhatsApp APK. After looking at its package of features, you might have surely fascinated with this app. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get the app downloaded and enjoy the endless fun with Gold WhatsApp APK. Just tap on the Download button now and enrich your WhatsApp experience.

    Share the article with your friends and family so that they too can uncover this astounding featured app. Do visit the site again as we keep on posting the wonderful modded versions of app.